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Should We Celebrate?

When I was a little girl, I began looking forward to Christmas as soon as the first autumn breeze cooled the air and whisked summer into memory. Even as a little girl, I would start in September making gifts for […]

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A Heart Cracked Open

CRACK!! The sound echoed through the stadium like a crack of thunder as two helmets collided. In the silence that followed one player stood up dazed while another lay prostrate on the field. His motionless body twitched as a tremor […]

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{An Invitation} A November to Remember

My friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee, (I hope this sister in Christ and fellow grace chaser doesn’t mind if I call her friend even though we’ve really never met) has started a series titled, A November to Remember in which she […]

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More Than Enough

I get my pay stub in the mail and reluctantly open the envelope; I can guess the amount but looking at the numbers I unconsciously grimace while the furrows in my brow permanently deepen a little more and I wonder […]

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Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

The morning sun was pouring through the tree tops its rays leaving a golden mist above the pasture where calves and chickens grazed contentedly when I stepped out porch into the cool air this morning. All was quiet and the […]

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Looking Back and Living Today

I climb the stairs and a cool breeze from the open window greets me. I pause for a moment at the top of the stairs to look around at the empty room, but the emptiness makes my heart ache and […]

  • morning rain

Hope for Cloudy Days

I wake to the sound of rain splattering on the porch steps as it pours through the unpatched holes in gutters left by hail in late June. Thirty minutes later, after a warm shower has washed the sleep from my […]

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An Offering of Worship

I listen to the mournful, lonely, chords of the guitar as the music drifts through the closed-door of the bedroom that attempts to shut both the music and the fourteen-year-old musician away from the realities of the world.  There are […]

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  • The first signs of autumn


  Today I return after what seems to me a long absence from cyber space. I’d like to say I’ve been out of town for a long summer vacation, or perhaps on a book signing tour, or on a trip […]

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Pausing in the Midst of Busyness

In this season of long days and short nights I am reminding myself why I named this site Pausing to Praise. Summer can be a busy season for those of us who still cling to old traditions. Each morning I […]

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