• morning rain

Hope for Cloudy Days

I wake to the sound of rain splattering on the porch steps as it pours through the unpatched holes in gutters left by hail in late June. Thirty minutes later, after a warm shower has washed the sleep from my […]

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  • IMG_2016

An Offering of Worship

I listen to the mournful, lonely, chords of the guitar as the music drifts through the closed-door of the bedroom that attempts to shut both the music and the fourteen-year-old musician away from the realities of the world.  There are […]

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  • The first signs of autumn


  Today I return after what seems to me a long absence from cyber space. I’d like to say I’ve been out of town for a long summer vacation, or perhaps on a book signing tour, or on a trip […]

  • IMG_1940

Pausing in the Midst of Busyness

In this season of long days and short nights I am reminding myself why I named this site Pausing to Praise. Summer can be a busy season for those of us who still cling to old traditions. Each morning I […]

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  • sheila

A Place Where I Belong

When I was a little girl, my family moved several times. I was naturally introverted, so changing schools was always difficult for me. I remember standing in the door of the classroom clutching my notebook tight to my chest and […]

  • road

A Mama’s Heartache and Hope

I stared at the highway stretched out in front of me and began to relax as the city traffic thinned and travelers began to space themselves out on the open stretch of road. I snapped on the radio and held […]

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  • IMG_2520

Grace Lessons in Miserable Mistakes

After my oldest son, Justin, suffered severe brain damage, he had difficulty maintaining a normal sleep/wake cycle. One night he was particularly irritable. Even after rocking him for some time after everyone else had gone to bed, I still could […]

  • season

A Sabbath Season

June 29, 2006 It is a beautiful summer evening, reminiscent of many others: There was summer evenings in my childhood spent playing on green summer lawns, the breeze flowered with the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Summer evenings in my teen […]

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  • Justin crawling

When We Look Down and Crawl

From the moment he learned to crawl, my oldest son was always on the go. It seemed Justin could crawl across the room and down the hall in a matter of seconds. He might pull up on the furniture and walk up […]

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  • 0076

A Handicapped Heart

Tonight I am reposting A Handicapped Heart to commemorate the recent release of my new book My Journey with Justin. This post was written not long after I started writing the book two years ago.  My prayer then and today […]

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