When the Rains Lull

Days have passed, weeks have passed, and now months have passed since I last penned a post. I’d like to say I’ve been on a book tour or on an extended vacation  or on a sabbatical or perhaps diligently working […]

Renewing Grace

I take another sip of coffee and try to focus on the highway stretched out in front of me as I battle the physical weariness that threatens to overwhelm me. It is Saturday morning and like many Saturday mornings I […]

Do We Labor in Vain?

I pull out my computer and think to myself, “This is the week before Easter, holy week as some would call it, and I really need to post something.” But as I sit perched on the edge of the chair […]

Seeking Silence and Solitude

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.  {Mark 1:35} The bright March sunlight looked inviting as it reflected off patches of crusted snow, but […]

Hope for a Happy Ending

Someone recently told me, “One of the things I loved the most about your book was stepping into your story and coming to the end with a feeling of peace and happiness despite the unhappy ending. It gave me encouragement […]

Snow Covered Conflicts

Yesterday we awoke to a cold, dark house while outside in the dim, grey light of pre-dawn we could see the shadowy shapes of snow drifts.  The electricity had gone off during the night and the ghostly white silhouettes of […]

A Christmas Card for You

I pick up the mail as I drive up in front of our house. Home at last! It has been a long day and I sit there in the drive for just a moment to sort through the varied assortment […]

Should We Celebrate?

When I was a little girl, I began looking forward to Christmas as soon as the first autumn breeze cooled the air and whisked summer into memory. Even as a little girl, I would start in September making gifts for […]

A Heart Cracked Open

CRACK!! The sound echoed through the stadium like a crack of thunder as two helmets collided. In the silence that followed one player stood up dazed while another lay prostrate on the field. His motionless body twitched as a tremor […]

{An Invitation} A November to Remember

My friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee, (I hope this sister in Christ and fellow grace chaser doesn’t mind if I call her friend even though we’ve really never met) has started a series titled, A November to Remember in which she […]

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