A strong wind whistles around my porch and through my kitchen window.  Although a few days still remain in August the early morning wind is cool.  Leafy trees bow to the passing of the wind which carries the smell of damp earth, dying vegetation, and the first real smell of fall.  I lean in closer to the window chilling my bare arms and filling my lungs.  The sensible thing to do would be to close the window, but my childish impulse is to stick my face right up to the screen and fill my lungs with the scents of fall and my heart with a melancholy longing that stirs in my soul at the first signs of the season.  I long to drop my dishtowel, and oblivious to all obligations, run and dance with the wind; l long to throw wide my arms and embrace the day and let the wind tousle my hair and sting my eyes and play all about me as I wander down grassy lanes and dusty roads. 

Many Texans complain about the wind, and although it can be annoying at times, I love the wind, especially when it gently rocks the prairie.  If you live in the Texas Panhandle, you either love the wind or you spend most of your time indoors and miserable.

Bloom where you are planted.  It is an old saying, but very true.  We must love the things around us so our spirits will bloom. Is it possible to learn to love the things that our very nature dislikes?  I think perhaps we can when we dwell on the beauty and blessings rather than grumble at the things we are powerless to change.  When I have a grateful heart, my inner spirit is continually refilled with joy and I stand in awe at the love and power of God. 

It is this refilling of our own heart that offers any overflow into the lives of others. Whether it is our children, our spouse, our co-workers, or whomever God has placed in our lives, we cannot give what we do not have and joy and peace seem to be in short supply in our world today.  How can I share the glory of God when I fail to see it myself?

Lord, please help me to bloom in the soil you’ve allowed me to grow and as my face lifts heavenward, let my children and others follow my gaze and see your glory.

He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind. ~ Psalm 104:3