It is winter and the month of December has some of the shortest daylight hours of the year.  Although there is a serene beauty to behold in the cold night sky, I really dislike the dark.  I can’t see very well at night and I find myself dreading the days that I must work in the office because I leave the house in what feels like the dark of night only to return home in the dark.

Yesterday was one of those days; I left the house in the cold dark that even the pre-dawn twilight hadn’t touched.  With the lights and heater on, I left mumbling and complaining to myself and started on my 40 mile journey.   While I traveled, the eastern sky slowly began to lighten, the clouds began to glow with the pink light of pre-dawn, and my spirits began to lift as I began to praise God for the light that would soon fill the day.

As I prayed and rejoice for the daylight that had returned, I was suddenly struck with the thought, almost as though the Lord spoke audibly, “Do you love me like you love my light?  Do you eagerly long for me and wait for me with the same anticipation?”.

I thought about the scripture, “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” ~ John 3:19. I wondered if I abhorred my own sin as much as I did the dark.  Am I as uncomfortable traveling in the darkness of sin as I am driving in the darkness of night?

Lord, search my heart and help me to love you and long for you as much – even more – than I long for the day after the long night of winter.