A misty fog covers the fields and yet the moonlight still filters through the fog and illuminates the night with a gentle glow.  I linger long at the window and wonder at the beauty of the night.  The cold stillness and quiet and the white light of the moon fill the night with beauty and wonder. 

Behind me the darkness of the room is lit with red and gold reflections of light that dance on the walls and bounce across the floor.  The room is lit by the fire that warms it- a stark contrast to the white light of the winter night.  The flickering light seems playful and warm, but my eyes are drawn back to the cold window and the mesmerizing scene of bare and silent branches enshrined in wispy fog.  Winter has come – short days, long dark nights, and silence. 

It is here in the silence that I wrestle with the emptiness.  In the bright light of day is it easy to see all the blessings which surround me, but in the dark I lose my way.  When the night falls and the fog rolls in, it is far more difficult to see.  It is here that I stumble and cry out to the silence, “where do I place my feet? Where should the next step fall?”  I listen, but the only sound is the crackle of the fire behind me.  I feel lost in the silence.

But as I stare out into the winter night, I am reminded by the sparkling frozen ground illuminated by the moonlight – moonlight that finds its way through the fog – that God has not forgotten the night.  The one who fills the day with sunshine and warmth, also gave light to the night. When we lose our way we need only look up and if we wait for the fog to lift, we will find our navigation is written in the heavens.