This morning I awoke once more to the sound of the wind whistling through the open window.  Warmer days have been quite welcome, but the lack of rain has made the warm air seem unusually dry.  I like the sound of the wind and its lonesome cry often sings me to sleep, but windy days and dry dusty air has been hard on my sinuses and the sight of the parched land makes the wind seem somewhat mournful.  Less than an inch of rainfall has fallen since November, and the fact that there is anything green amazes me, but somehow trees have still begun to bud and leaf and green sprigs of grass – although sparse – have emerged to color the landscape.

I once read that Eskimos have many different names for snow; seems to me that we should have the same descriptive references for the wind.  Right now I would welcome a damp eastern breeze that carries with it the promise of rain.

As I drive along familiar roads, I think about how much the landscape has changed in my lifetime.  Water that was once abundant and poured from four inch pipe in a solid, steady, stream is no longer so abundant.  Farmers now practice water conservation and water with sprinklers instead of row water. Fields of corn are no longer as numerous – they still exist – but they are being replaced by more drought tolerant crops.  Cotton has always been a staple here and still is, but native grass now blows in many fields no longer in cultivation and fire has become a real threat.

It feels like the land is drying up just like the spiritual state of our nation, so my morning greeting was not as welcome as it might have been, but as I opened my Bible for my morning reading, I was once again reminded of God’s great goodness and mercy towards his people.  I have been reading through Isaiah and for several chapters it has come to my attention how many times the Lord tells his people He will make springs for them in dry lands.  Over and over He tells them that he will provide for them in dry thirsty places.  He reminds them repeatedly that He alone is their source for the water necessary to sustain life.

These promises encourage me that He will not only provide for the water we need, but He will fill those dry thirst places within us that He alone can drench.