With cup in hand I open the door slowly hoping it won’t creak and wake someone or something – meaning the cat or the sleeping pup.  I step quietly out into the moonlit porch and with both hands curled around the warm cup of coffee I sit silently in the
swing and look out into the night.

Morning is not far off but in this hour before sunrise the night does not look much different than it did when I went to bed.  I am mesmerized by the moonlight.  My oldest son, Justin, also loved the night sky and when he was little I often let him sit outside with me after his younger brothers were in bed.  It was our special time together. Justin was particularly fascinated by the moon and would repeatedly ask me if I was certain that the moon did not create its own light and I would assure him that it really was just a reflector.

As a reflector the moonlight is certainly not a perfect source of light, but it does bring light to the darkness and there is something quite beautiful as that giant orb hangs suspended in space.   I think of the days before modern travel and wonder how many travelers were able to find their way because of the reflected light of the moon.

My thoughts turn to my own life and the years that have passed –more than twenty of them- since Justin and I sit and gazed at the night sky.  I sometimes wonder if I’ve grown or changed in all that time. I am so saddened by the sin that still darkens my life I wonder if there is any light that is reflected in me at all through that darkness of sin. If only I could shine as brightly as the imperfect light of the full moon that hangs there silently in the night sky just before dawn.  Does my life bring light or hope to weary travelers?  Is it sufficient to provide some illumination to those dark hours just before dawn?

As I sit there in quiet contemplation, the eastern sky begins to glow a soft pink and I know the dawn is coming.