The early morning air is damp and sweet. There is a wet, earthy smell to the air that reminds me of spring and it beckons me to breathe deep of its sweetness and fill my nose and lungs with clean, moist air. Pausing for a moment to stand still and listen to the quiet, I inhale deep and take in the moment. It is an undisturbed moment of rest for my soul and I relax, wrapped in the quiet stillness of the morning. I empty my thoughts and drop the burdens of concern for the day just as I empty my lungs of dry stale air.

It is restful to linger in the moment and breathe deep, and I am reminded of how deeply we breathe while we sleep. We breathe deep when we rest. Our bodies need times to stop, lie still, and breathe deep and I think our spirits also need times to stop, be still, and breathe deep.  Without those moments we hurry on through the day without the oxygen we need to sustain our pace and we find we are soon weary without having yet accomplished much.  So I pause for a moment and breathe deep, thank God for the day, and pray that my heart will remember this moment of rest and that I will not forget the one who gives me rest as I plow through the day.