The past several days have been absolutely beautiful autumn days. As I step out into the cool morning air I praise Him for the beauty of the season and when I watch the sun set each night, I again thank Him for the beauty of the season. When evening falls and the stars fill the sky like innumerable diamonds, I look up and am overwhelmed and awed by the magnitude of creation and I wonder as David did, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”

He is More Than Mindful of Us

What is man that he is continually foremost in Your mind?
We who are spiritually depraved and intellectually blind;

We who are unclean, morally corrupt, and born into sin
Since the fall all are polluted, stained, and selfish within.

We are frail; likened unto grass, flowers, and vapors that fade.
Unaware we’re separated from God in whose image we’re made.

We’re ignorant; knowing not from whence we’ve come or why we’re here,
Trusting false truth and idolatrous pride to cover our fear.

Yet loved with unfathomable love despite an unworthy state.
Loved despite our iniquity, our sin, our fear, and our hate.

Such love birthed grief for our wickedness and for our sin bore great pain.
We seek Him not, yet He finds us, cleans us, and offers all for our gain.

We bring Him nothing: borrowed faith, imperfect praise, limited love.
Still He claims us His children cleansed by His grace and redeemed with His blood.
~ Sheila Campbell