The music begins and soon my fingers are lightly tapping the steering wheel while I’m singing along with the radio and my heart is praising, rejoicing, and bubbling over with joy. The music, this jubilant song of praise, flows through me like the wind that flows through the open window and before I am really aware of what is happening, joy is bubbling over and billowing out in a song of praise. I just can’t keep it bottled up. Like blowing bubbles in your milk and watching them explode into the air above the rim of the glass, joy feels as uncontainable as those milk bubbles.

Today is a day for remembering those we love – especially that special someone whose love completes and makes two as one. It is a day of celebrating and serenading those we love; it is a day to bubble over with happiness and tender expressions of our deepest feelings because we love and are loved. But for those of us who do not have a special love, this day of celebrating can make us feel a little sad and lonely.

However, as the music plays all loneliness is forgotten and I remember who I am and whose I am. Soon I am bubbling over with happiness, praise, and prayers of adoration spoken aloud to the one who first loved me and drew me to him with irresistible grace. I am loved and saved by grace. Grace, that unmerited favor showered on the unloved, was rained upon me. I was – we are – nothing but dust carried by the wind; but because of grace, I am – we are – the redeemed! We are forgiven, loved, and completed; we are one, united with the Father because of His work and His redeeming blood.

And so today I remember I am loved and I praise the One I love, and as I sing my song of praise, gratitude fills my heart and bubbles over as joy. I am grateful for the music that blew through my soul, stirred my self-centered heart, and filled it to overflowing.

On this day of remembering those we love – and every other day of the year too – shouldn’t our glass be so full that it only takes a small puff and we are bubbling over?