seasonFor those of you who may have thought I just disappeared these past few months, I’ve been living life, struggling with death, finishing a book, and planning a wedding.  At times I too have wondered if I might just disappear altogether. I’ve stretched myself – my time, my mental and physical energy, and my emotions – until I have felt weak and thin as I have tried to fill many roles at once.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control and outside of our usual pattern of daily activities interrupt our routine and demand our time and attention. When these interruptions occur we can fret and worry about things we can’t control or we can take the cavalier attitude of ‘life just happens’ and carry on from where we left off without letting the interruption disturb or change us. Or…we can embrace those events that disrupt our lives as part of God’s divine plan and allow circumstances to grow us and move us in the direction we should go.

And so after a season of stretching and growing and struggling to serve where I was needed, I have finally returned to share my thoughts. One of the many changes that has occurred in my life in the past few months has been the development of a new website that my son so graciously created for me. If you haven’t been to my blog in awhile, it is no longer part of a wordpress blog site. I have moved to my own site at Much of the content is still the same and has just been moved from my wordpress blog. There are still many things I want to add and change, so if you haven’t been to my blog lately, visit my new site and read more about life, death, a wedding, and a my new book, and come back often because life is continually changing and so am I.