christmas cardsI pick up the mail as I drive up in front of our house. Home at last! It has been a long day and I sit there in the drive for just a moment to sort through the varied assortment of ads and bills I hold in my hand, but as I sort the stiff envelopes of assorted sizes, I smile with delight…Christmas cards. I carefully look at the return address of each one. Some I’ll open now…sitting here in the drive like a small child who can’t wait for just a taste of something special. A couple of cards I hold back because I know they are certain to contain letters and I want to wait until supper is over and dishes are finished and the rush of the evening slows enough for me to savor their sweet words.

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards! I especially enjoy receiving those special cards from friends and family containing letters that share the joys, trials, and highlights of their year – many of these friends I don’t see or hear from very often as we all go bustling about our busy lives, so it is a special treat to get those cards in the mail that let me know someone still remembered us and wanted us to know how they have been this year.

This has been a year of abundant change for our family and as I look over our Christmas card list I find myself having conversations in my head and telling those who are dear to me about the blessings and sorrows of our year. Slowly, written in little stolen increments of time over the past couple of weeks, I have turned tidbits of those pretend conversations into our annual Christmas letter. However, while I may painfully cut and trim articles and even blog posts, I find myself reluctant to trim our letter, and when I’ve finished, it is several pages long.

As I look at our budget and tally the costs of printing cards with precious pictures I want to share, the cost of printing my lengthy letter, and the rising cost of postage, I realize I will have to severely cut my Christmas card list and limit my cards to just a few family members and special friends.

However, while it may not be the same as receiving a card in the mail, this year I have decided to post my annual year-end letter here on my website so that I can share a recap of our year with all those dear friends whom I think about so often.  And so this post is a little different from most. This is simply an invitation to you – my special friends who have found a connection here – to read a recap of our year and share in the joys and sorrows, the celebrations and hardships, and the trials and blessings that have marked the milestones in our year.

May the Lord’s blessings be upon you as we close this year with thankful hearts for the abundant blessings He gives to each new day!

Have a blessed Holiday season!

Recap a Year of Change – Christmas 2014